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Leaders in asset optimization
RoHS • WEEE • ISO 14001 Certified

Asset Optimization and E-Waste Solutions for:

  • Datacenter 
  • Evaluation units
  • Excess & Obsolete
  • RMAs
  • Scrap
  • Trade-up/trade-in
  • Weee Take-back

General Process:

  • A secure facility with the most up to date methods of data security available
  • Pick-ups of any quantity and volume
    • -White glove service available
  • We will communicate not only with your company but with you resellers and end users to arrange for collection of material
  • Reporting of product and all sub-assemblies
    • -Model numbers
    • -Part numbers
    • -Serial numbers and all unique identifiers
    • -Weights
    • -Conditions – Product will be tested
  • -All material that is not in a resalable condition will be recycled in accordance with Cal Recycle and DTSC guidelines
  • - General and detailed description of product
  • -Certificates of asset disposition, Certificate of Compliance and Certificate of Data Erasure provided
  • -Green House Gas Equivalency provided
  • -Pictures of destruction from start to finish provided
  • Certificate of Destruction (COD) reporting is available, this means that all material will be destroyed upon request with comprehensive reporting, certificates and pictures of destruction
  • Reporting is completed based on your specifications and can be adjusted per pick-up as needed
  • Settlement Revenue report provided based on material recycled and sold, M-Cubed can also provide a list of all material in available inventory