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RoHS • WEEE • ISO 14001 Certified

Corporate Profile

M-Cubed Global is a privately held company established in 1984 with, at that time a primary focus on asset management and recovery. M-Cubed Global is extremely proud of obtaining our ISO 14001 certification in early 2006. The entire M-Cubed Global family worked diligently and was always focused on achieving our certification. M-Cubed Global, with the release of the EU Directives has increased their service portfolio offerings to include providing full turn-key services in becoming RoHS and WEEE Certified. M-Cubed Global has leveraged its certification to CA SB 20/50 along with its thirty plus years in the asset management and recovery business to become the industry leader in offering a WEEE solution to our Customer Base. (California Senate Bill (SB) 20/50 is the California equivalent to the Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) and Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE) European Union (EU) Directives.)

M-Cubed Global with "Best in Class" organizations with a worldwide presence to provide extended take-back programs and testing along with M-Cubed Global's expertise in RoHS, WEEE, e-Waste, excess and obsolete inventory management and remarketing Services. M-Cubed Global has 50+ and increasing take-back and processing facilities.

M-Cubed Global is excited about its future and its ability to enable our customers to be compliant with environmental directives and/or laws that are now being imposed around the Globe.